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Document Storage

How can Coffs Document Storage (CDS) help me?
You save money because your staff uses time more productively and they are not searching for files. You don’t tie up capital in building or buying a shed or in occupying valuable office space for those documents you have to keep. You save on commercial rent for those files that clutter the office so you can use the space to produce income. Storing off-site also has security benefits.
What does CDS offer?
Clean, pest controlled, fire resistant storage space.
Cataloguing and inventory of your archive boxes.
Documents delivered to your office on request.
Documents taken back to storage on request.
You can store additional boxes at any time.
Automatic destruction of boxes on your authority.
How does CDS store my office records?
Firstly CDS can deliver a supply of single piece, strong archive boxes if you need them. At your office, you simply place your documents into archive boxes, remember to keep yourself an inventory of what is in each archive box and number the boxes and CDS will do the rest. CDS picks up the packed boxes and takes them to its Storage Centre. We then create a list of all your box numbers, and the assigned shelf location of those boxes within our facility and email you a copy for your records. When you want to retrieve a box, simply email us a request of the box number and its shelf location from the list before 4 pm and we will deliver it to you on the next business day.

The archive boxes are stored in a warehouse facility on custom built racking to avoid your boxes being damaged from over stacking or constant moving.
The warehouse is constructed from fire resistant steel and CDS monitors security and fire protection.

What about confidentiality?
Your records are transported and handled in confidence and your name does not have to appear externally on any box, only your assigned CDS client number. Only approved personnel of CDS have access to the document storage area.
Fine cross shredding is also used for destruction.
How do I retrieve my records?
You email the request slip (quoting the CDS box numbers containing the files you want) to Coffs Document Storage by 4pm. The next morning, the boxes are delivered to your office.
(20 free per month, ask for details)
When you have finished with the boxes and want to return them to storage, you simply email CDS by 4pm and they pick up and return them to secure storage the next morning.
What does it cost?

Billing is either monthly, quarterly or annually and consists of:
– Storage charges for the period payable in advance.
– Prorated storage charges for boxes added during the previous period.
– Separate fees for services used, such as retrieval, transportation or destruction.

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