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So you’ve got back from your first trip with your camper van and you really want to look after it.
We suggest you create a post trip inspection and maintenance list.
Things to include may be wheel bearing inspection and regrease, grease all required joints, check tyres for nicks, wear, punctures and air pressure. You may also want to inspect hinges, joints bolts and welds for correct tension or cracks. Don’t forget about the suspension and be sure to check for oil leaks from any shocks and loose, worn or cracked springs.
It is also a good idea to allow your canvas to dry out and wash and make your bed up ready for your next trip. We suggest your give the inside of the trailer a good vacuum and wipe down to remove any dust build up too.
Pests can be also be problem when you’re ready to park it post trip, so don’t forget to pest control or bait your trailer for creepy crawlies and rodents.

Once you’re happy you have your list checked off and you’re ready to store it somewhere safe, come and inspect our storage sheds for somewhere clean and safe for your camper trailer.
Our facility has two choices of access, 24 hour access storage sheds with individual door alarms, or 12 hour access storage sheds.
Our Storage sheds are steel and concrete construction with standard roller doors. The dimensions of the doors are 2.4 meters high and 2.1 metres wide, so be sure to measure the width of your camper trailer.

Don’t Know How Much Space You need?

Let our Storage Calculator do the thinking.

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