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Nespresso Recycling drop off location in Coffs Harbour

Bring your used Nespresso Aluminum capsules into the office of Coffs Harbour Hi-Tech Self Storage during office hours & they are sent to Nespresso for recycling.

The used capsules can be in a plastic bag or you can tip them into the lined recycling box. They must be Nespresso brand capsules.

Aluminum is not just 100% recyclable, it’s infinitely recyclable. Each coffee capsule you recycle can come back in another everyday object – another capsule, bicycle, Swiss army knife, BBQ tongs, peeler, ladder, window frame or watch case.

The recovered coffee grounds are sent to an Australian composting facility. There they are combined with dirt and organic matter, creating rich and nutritious compost, later distributed through many hardware and gardening stores. Nespresso will see to it that it goes on to achieve its potential through recycling.

Nespresso Australian Goals

Nespresso Australia is committed to ensuring they are part of a sustainable coffee economy. However, they face a challenge in that their products cannot be recycled through Australia’s domestic waste systems.
That is why, since 2010, Nespresso have implemented a recycling program specifically for all their customers, and have worked with a recycling plant in Southern NSW to put in place a dedicated system to recycle their used aluminum capsules.

Nespresso is committed to continually improve their recycling program to help ensure that as many used Nespresso capsules (both Professional and in-home) are recycled as possible.

Visit the Nespresso site for more information on the recycling process or to order more Nespresso Capsules.

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