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Who has the cheapest self storage in Coffs Harbour?

With a lot of things in life, cheaper is not always better.
It pays to ask, why do I want cheaper? Are the things I want to store not that valuable so it doesn’t matter?
There are some clear questions to consider when choosing where to store your precious possessions.

What sort of security does the storage facility have?

At a minimum, the storage facility should be completely fenced, topped with barb wire and have CCTV coverage of the entry and exits to the facility. Other security features might include, onsite caretakers, beam alarms, individual door alarms, restricted times to access, individual door alarm codes or access cards coded to each storage space and so on.

Does the facility have a good reputation?

Consider how long the storage facility has been open. Is it well maintained and clean and tidy? Question the staff to find out if there has been any sort of break in or other security issue. Ask them what there policy or procedure is if something does occur. Remember, these are your goods and you want to be sure you have the right place to store your goods.

Has the storage facility ever flooded?

This is a good question as even in seemingly dry areas, water can back up from street drains or other areas. Coffs Harbour Hi-Tech Self Storage has been here for 30 years, and has never flooded. No-one could ever say it will never happen, but considering some of the floods the Coffs Coast has had, 30 years without flooding is a very good record.

Sometimes it’s not all about the cheapest price. It should be about security, safety and your peace of mind.

If you would like a quote on your storage needs, please give our team a call at Coffs Harbour Hi-Tech Self Storage.

Don’t Know How Much Space You need?

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